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The Mennonite Example

We live in a world that is almost completely depraved.  You cannot really understand the concept of Undepraved unless you see an undepraved community in real life.  So I recommend visiting a conservative Mennonite church to see an undepraved community for yourself.

These are the steps I recommend.  First read An Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups.  This will give you a general overview of the Mennonites.  Then use the Church Finder to find a church near you.  I recommend Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Churches and the Nationwide Fellowship Churches since I have visited these and can vouch for them.  After church, you will be invited to have lunch with one of the Mennonite families.  There you can ask questions and learn about the Mennonites.  After visiting a church, I recommend reading Instructions for Christian Living and Church Membership by the Eastern Pennsylvania Church.  This is their book for internal use explaining how to live.  If you live in El Paso, I can organize a visit to the nearest church.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that you become Mennonite.  But we must study examples of communities that are successfully undepraved in order to figure out how we can create our own successful undepraved community.  If you are serious about Undepraved, then you will find the time to visit a Mennonite church.  Then you can post your comments to this thread.  The rest of this post will be my comments.

The Mennonite service is clearly not modern and has a lot of singing.  The men and women are separated, as would be expected in any civilized religion.  The Mennonites discipline themselves as a group.  As a group, they agree to ban things that threaten to corrupt their community.  For example here is a discussion of restricting technology.  I also was curious about how they govern themselves, thinking that there may be some secret here.  But in fact their rules of governance vary widely as discussed here.

I look forward to further discussing the Mennonites with other people who have visited them.