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The Path Forward

I was going to write more posts but I have talked enough.  If what I want to say has no practical consequence then I won't say it here.  I have already said everything practical that I wanted to say.  So now I will just talk about the steps of execution.

1.  Find an Undepraved Muslim and Undepraved Christian to work with.
2.  Work with them to write "Undepraved for Muslims" and "Undepraved for Christians" posts.
3.  Based on this, make a flier for Muslims and a flier for Christians.
4.  Hand these fliers out in mosques and churches.

The purpose of the flier is to bring people to this website.  The purpose of this website is to get people to join Meetups.  The purpose of the Meetups is to organize local Undepraved communities.

I am on step 1.  I have been visiting churches to see if any are promising and I may post to report on this.  I will also look to see if I can find Undepraved Muslims or Christians on the internet.